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Bring our bakery home. CinnaPacks are a great gift idea – plus they make great additions to holiday meals. Feed a variety of crowds with a 4-count and 6-count of Cinnabon Classic Rolls or 9-count and 15-count of Minibon rolls – each available in traditional Classic Cinnamon Roll, Caramel Pecanbon or Chocobon.

BonBites CinnaPacks

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  • BonBites CinnaPack

    From Rs. 715
     715 Select Options

  • Cinnabon CinnaPacks

  • Classic BonBites

    Cinnabon Classic

    From Rs. 2,185
     2,185 Select Options
  • MiniBon Chocobon small


    From Rs. 2,505
     2,505 Select Options
  • Pecan

    Caramel PecanBon

    From Rs. 2,725
     2,725 Select Options
  • CinnaPack BonBites


    From Rs. 2,395
     2,395 Select Options

  • MiniBon CinnaPacks

  • Classic BonBites

    Minibon Classic

    From Rs. 1,645
     1,645 Select Options
  • Choco

    Mini Chocobon

    From Rs. 1,925
     1,925 Select Options
  • Pecan

    Mini PecanBon

    From Rs. 2,145
     2,145 Select Options
  • CinnaPack BonBites

    Minibon Combo

    From Rs. 1,895
     1,895 Select Options

  • Pecan Caramel PecanBon


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