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Cinnamon Rolls

It all started with the Classic Cinnamon Roll - Makara® Cinnamon, fresh-baked dough, waves of frosting and even love baked into every bite. The Minibon offers all the Ooey Gooey™, Disturbingly Delicious™ decadence of the Cinnabon Classic in a smaller-portioned treat. Each available in traditional Classic Cinnamon Roll, Caramel Pecanbon or Chocobon.


  • center of roll

    Center of the Roll

    From Rs. 605
     605 Select Options
  • Cinnabon Rolls


    From Rs. 565
     565 Select Options
  • Classic BonBites

    Cinnabon Classic

    From Rs. 765
     765 Select Options
  • Cinnabon Chocobon


    From Rs. 885
     885 Select Options
  • Pecan

    Caramel Pecanbon

    From Rs. 945
     945 Select Options


  • minibon

    Minibon Classic

    From Rs. 565
     565 Select Options
  • Choco banner

    Mini Chocobon

    From Rs. 665
     665 Select Options
  • Mini Pecanbon

    From Rs. 735
     735 Select Options


  • BonBites™ Classic

    From Rs. 545
     545 Select Options
  •  715 Select Options
  • Choco banner

    Choco BonBites™

    From Rs. 635
     635 Select Options

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