Cinnabon® Turtle BonBites Parfait

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These mini treats are made with our mini BonBites and are perfect for parties of many or parties of one.

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  • Prep time
    20 minutes
  • Cook time
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  • BonBites (as needed)
  • Pecans (roasted, salted) as needed
  • Caramel Sauce as needed
  • Chocolate Sauce (as needed)
  • White Chocolate Pudding
  • 2 oz Whipped Topping to start
  • 4 oz Hot Water to start
  • 1 tsp and 1tbsp Instant Coffee to start
  • 5 tbsp Sugar


  1. Mix 1 tsp of instant coffee and 2 oz whipped topping in a small bowl.
  2. Mix 1 tbsp of instant coffee with 4 oz of hot water and 5 tbsp of sugar in a separate bowl.
  3. Soak sliced BonBites halves in the coffee soaking mixture for 15 min.
  4. Evenly spread chocolate sauce on the bottom of the glass.
  5. Add a layer of white chocolate pudding.
  6. Place sliced BonBites on top of the pudding layer.
  7. Add a layer of coffee whipped topping.
  8. Add caramel sauce next.
  9. Place another sliced 1/2 BonBites.
  10. Add a layer of chopped pecans.

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